Improve Your Soil Fertility!

What if you could drastically but naturally improve your soils' fertility, and increase your plants' yields, health and nutritional value? Even at the same time using less water and fertilizer to do so?! And, what if you were also directly sequestering carbon for centuries and helping reverse climate change? And of course, to make it interesting, you were using an advanced, ancient Amazonian farming technology newly rediscovered by western science...

We are talking about the simple but revolutionary Biochar! Biochar is an inexpensive carbon-negative soil amendment that can double your yield while reducing your fertilizer and water needs. Learn more about biochar.

Whether you were there or not, check out a few photos from our latest SeedExchange!

We are excited to announce availability of Biochar Champion Stove for purchase in the USA! Help sequester carbon and put it in the soil, where it belongs, while increasing soil fertility and its water holding capacity. Read more about Biochar and the Champion Stove here.