Improve Your Soil Fertility!

Time is ripe for a seed exchange to start your summer garden indoors. Come and join us on the 28th of February in Sunnyvale. See more details about the exchange.

We were fortunate enough to secure a booth at the Eco-Farm Conference this year promoting biochar! It was a fun and rewarding event. Here are some photos from the conference.

We built a TLUD biochar stove for Veggielution Community Farm in San Jose this past November. It was a great experience with plenty of opportunity for hands on activities. It was interesting to see Paul Taylor design two stoves fitting the farm's specific needs. Since there is an abundance of wood chips as well as scrap wood available on the farm, Paul used every part of two metal barrels to create one good size TLUD, for burning woodchips, and also a kiln, for turning scrap wood into char. See more details and photos from this event.

Biochar is an inexpensive carbon-negative soil amendment that can double your yield while reducing your fertilizer and water needs. Learn more about biochar.

We are excited to announce availability of Biochar Champion Stove for purchase in the USA! Help sequester carbon and put it in the soil, where it belongs, while increasing soil fertility and its water holding capacity. Read more about Biochar and the Champion Stove here.